RCREW Deshun

Feel good music! That's what you feel when you say "R CREW"
Residing in the sunny state of Florida, this movement was started in the spring of 2014 in Pinnellas county. What started out as a smooth laid back easy listening type of vibe, quickly turned into the most unique high energy band in the Tampa Bay area. Introducing R CREW, which the fans like to say "OUR CREW" (their crew).
Deshun Howard and Ycaza Williams, comes from opposite sides of the US. Deshun from Detroit, and Ycaza from Seattle. Both grew up around music and continued their dreams through different journeys. They met up in 2009 and had an instant connection, not only through music, but life in general.
After moving to Nashville in 2013 to pursue the "musical" dream, the two had planned to return back to Florida and start a band. They did just that 9 months later. Forming a trio and playing in local bars around the city, R CREW became a household name, the trio didn't last, but the duo kept the R CREW name going strong.
In 2016 "R CREW" released their first EP called CHANGE THE VIBE, featuring the hot single LOVE LETTER. Shortly after the release 2 Jam Records came calling, and a partnership was formed.
R CREW, 2 JAM RECORDS, FEEL GOOD MUSIC! Time to unleash the sound that has been lost in today's music industry, fun, love and substance is back. PEOPLE JOIN THE MOVEMENT! It's time to CHANGE THE VIBE.